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Mega List of Episodes

MEGA LIST OF Martini GlassCheersMartini Glass   EPISODES

Compiled by:

Kevin Treu Eric Jorgensen
treu@Furman.EDU jorgy@refuge.Colorado.EDU

Feel free to redistribute this list as long as you keep our names on it.

Airing Prod. Original
Number Number Airdate Episode Title, synopsis

*** Season #1 ***

1 1  09/30/82 "Give Me a Ring Sometime" (Pilot, Premiere 1)
After being stood up at Cheers, Diane
accepts Sam's offer to be a waitress.

2 2 10/07/82 "Sam's Women"
Diane forces Sam to examine his
preference for dating beautiful but
brainless women.

3 4 10/14/82 "The Tortelli Tort"
Carla gets into an altercation with a
New York Yankees fan.

4 5 10/21/82 "Sam at Eleven"
A local sportswriter interviews Sam,
but the story is bumped off the air.

5 7 10/28/82 "The Coach's Daughter"
The coach tells his daughter that he
doesn't approve of her boyfriend.

6 8 11/04/82 "Any Friend of Diane's"
Sam is talked into a date by one of
Diane's former classmates.

7 13 11/11/82 "Friends, Romans, and Accountants"
Sam agrees to help Norm hold a private
"toga" party.

8 6 11/18/82 "Truce or Consequences"
Diane realizes Carla has made a fool of
her by making her believe a lie about

9 10 11/25/82 "Coach Returns to Action"
Sam asks the coach's new girlfriend for
a date.

10 9 12/02/82 "Endless Slumper"
Sam is sought for advice by a star
pitcher from the Boston Red Sox.

11 3 12/09/82 "One for the Book"
Diane becomes the romantic object of a
would-be priest.

12 12 12/16/82 "The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One"
Diane makes everyone mad when she
exposes a customer who has been telling
wonderful stories of his World War II
spy exploits.  But then she follows the
dejected fellow out of the bar to try
and make amends.

13 16 01/06/83 "Now Pitching, Sam Malone"
A jock-loving, man-hungry talent agent
convinces Sam he's star material, while
Diane tries to warn him about her real

14 11 01/13/83 "Let Me Count the Ways"
The demise of her cat puts Diane in a

15 14 01/20/83 "Father Knows Last"
Carla reveals that she is pregnant.

16 15 01/27/83 "The Boys in the Bar"
Sam is in for a few surprises when he
throws a party for a friend.

17 17 02/10/83 "Diane's Perfect Date"
Things take an ominous turn when Sam
and Diane agree to find perfect dates
for each other.

18 19 02/17/83 "No Contest"
Sam enters Diane in the Miss Boston
Barmaids contest.  With a guest
appearance by Tip O'Neill.

19 18 02/24/83 "Pick a Con... any Con"
The gang wants in when Sam plots to
sting a flim-flam man who has been
conning Coach at cards.

20 20 03/03/83 "Someone Single, Someone Blue"
To help her mother cash in on the
inheritance decreed in her father's
will, Diane agrees to a temporary
marriage with Sam.

21 21 03/24/83 "Showdown" (Part 1 of 2)
Sam is chagrined when his brother
captivates everyone at Cheers.

22 22 03/31/83 "Showdown" (Part 2 of 2, Finale 1)
Sam's older brother proposes marriage
to Diane.

*** Season #2 ***

23 23 09/29/83 "Power Play" (Premiere 2)
Sam and Diane announce that their
romance is on at last, but things do
not go smoothly.

24 25 10/13/83 "Little Sister, Dontcha"
Carla's younger sister takes her place
at Cheers and decides to go after every
man in the place.

25 27 10/20/83 "Personal Business"
Carla accuses Sam of playing favorites
just because of his relationship with
Diane.  Diane is incensed when a
prospective employer is only after her

26 24 10/27/83 "Homicidal Ham"
Diane makes the mistake of trying to
help an ex-con with his dream of
becoming an actor.

27 28 11/03/83 "Sumner's Return"
Diane's former boyfriend reappears on
the scene hoping to rekindle his
relationship with her.

28 29 11/10/83 "Affairs of the Heart"
Carla decides to begin an affair with a
bar patron who has a secret heart

29 32 11/17/83 "Old Flames"
Dave bets Sam that he can break up Sam
and Diane in 24 hours.

30 26 11/24/83 "Manager Coach"
Sam and Diane try to get the coach to
lighten up when he becomes obsessed
with managing a little league baseball

31 31 12/01/83 "They Called me Mayday"
Dick Cavett tells Sam that he should
write his memoirs.  Norm wrestles an
old high school buddy for his wife.

32 33 12/08/83 "How do I Love Thee... Let me Call You Back"
Sam and Diane separate for a week to
reassess their relationship when Sam
gets a little casual with his "I love

33 37 12/15/83 "Just Three Friends"
Diane learns that the old friend
staying with her is after Sam.

34 30 12/22/83 "Where There's a Will..."
An extremely wealthy man is so warmed
by his reception at Cheers that he
bequeaths a fortune to the bar.

35 34 01/05/84 "Battle of the Exes"
Carla's ex-husband sends her an
invitation to his re-marriage.

36 36 01/12/84 "No Help Wanted"
Norm is hurt when Sam doubts the
figures he has come up with while doing
the books at Cheers.

37 35 01/19/84 "Coachie Makes Three"
Sam and Diane must find a way to detach
themselves from a lonesome Coach when
his presence begins to interfere with
their love life.

38 40 01/26/84 "Cliff's Rocky Moment"
Cliff is forced to re-establish his
manhood after he backs down from a
challenge by a thug in front of his

39 39 02/02/84 "Fortune and Men's Weights"
Coach buys an antique scale that
dispenses fortunes that are so
accurate, even Diane starts to believe
in the supernatural.

40 38 02/09/84 "Snow Job"
Looking forward to his annual
Washington's Birthday fun trip with the
boys to the ski slopes, Sam tells Diane
he's going to a funeral.

41 41 02/16/84 "Coach Buries a Grudge"
Coach stops grieving over the death of
a pal when he learns his friend once
propositioned his wife.

42 42 02/23/84 "Norman's Conquest"
Norm is afraid that if he doesn't allow
himself to be seduced by his boss he'll
lose his job.

43 43 05/03/84 "I'll Be Seeing You" (Part 1 of 2)
Diane is sore because Sam is named one
of the city's most eligible bachelors
by a magazine, and Sam is sore because
a weird artist wants to paint Diane's
"tortured soul".

44 44 05/10/84 "I'll Be Seeing You" (Part 2 of 2, Finale 2)
Diane and Sam fight when she tries to
give him the portrait of her.

*** Season #3 ***

45 45 09/27/84 "Rebound" (Part 1 of 2, Premiere 3)
Sam falls off the wagon and Diane, who
ought to know better, suggests he see
her new boyfriend, the psychiatrist.

46 46 10/04/84 "Rebound" (Part 2 of 2)
Diane tells a recovering Sam about her
relationship with Dr. Crane and the new
waitress quits in a huff.  Coach gets
Diane to return to Cheers.

47 51 10/18/84 "I Call Your Name"
After reporting a fellow postman for
stealing a perfume sample, Cliff must
face up to the man.  Also, Frasier
comes to Sam for advice when Diane
calls out another man's name while
making love.

48 56 10/25/84 "Fairy Tales Can Come True"
Cliff falls in love at a Halloween
costume party and Frasier asks Sam to
escort Diane to a concert.

49 48 11/01/84 "Sam Turns the Other Cheek"
Sam shoots himself while disarming a
jealous husband and claims that he was
wounded during an attempt to prevent a

50 49 11/08/84 "Coach in Love" (Part 1 of 2)
Coach falls in love with a woman even
as her daughter is rejecting Sam's

51 50 11/15/84 "Coach in Love" (Part 2 of 2)
Irene dumps Coach after winning the
lottery, but Coach never gives up

52 52 11/22/84 "Diane Meets Mom"
After sharing a pleasant dinner with
Frasier's mother, a famous
psychologist, Diane is stunned by the
woman's death threat.

53 47 11/29/84 "An American Family"
Carla's ex-husband and his new bride
threaten court action to obtain custody
of Carla's oldest boy.  The regulars
are shocked when Carla agrees to give
them custody.

54 55 12/06/84 "Diane's Allergy"
Frasier asks Diane to move in with him,
but her severe allergic reaction could
spoil the cozy arrangement.

55 54 12/13/84 "Peterson Crusoe"
When a suspicious spot appears on
Norm's chest x-ray, he decides to
fulfill a dream of sailing around the

56 53 12/20/84 "A Ditch in Time"
Sam is troubled when he romances an
attractive woman who threatens suicide
when she is rejected.

57 57 01/03/85 "Whodunit?"
Diane and Frasier are shocked when the
renowned Dr. Ludlow proposes to Carla
and gets her in the family way.

58 58 01/10/85 "The Heart is a Lonely Snipehunter"
Diane insists that Sam and his cohorts
include Frasier on a fishing trip.

59 61 01/24/85 "King of the Hill"
Diane can't understand why Sam is
pitching in a charity softball game
until she discovers the other team is
made up of Playboy playmates.

60 62 01/31/85 "Teacher's Pet"
Diane suspects that Sam's good grades
in night school don't come from his
study habits.

61 64 02/07/85 "The Mail Goes to Jail"
While Cliff nurses a cold, Norm's
effort to finish the mail deliveries
leads to his arrest for tampering.
Diane gets stuck in the Cheers floor.

62 63 02/14/85 "Bar Bet"
Sam is held to a long-forgotten
agreement that he marry Jacqueline
Bisset or forfeit the bar.

63 66 02/21/85 "Behind Every Great Man"
Sam's masculine smugness offends a
Boston reporter when she visits the bar
to do a report on the singles scene.

64 65 02/28/85 "If Ever I Would Leave You"
Rejected by his new wife, Nick
convinces everyone -- except Carla --
that he is ready to rededicate himself
to his former wife.

65 67 03/07/85 "The Executive's Executioner"
Norm learns he's being promoted to a
job requiring him to fire other

66 59 04/11/85 "Cheerio Cheers"
In the last episode in which the late
Nicholas Colasanto appeared as "Coach",
Diane decides to accompany Frasier to
his temporary job at the University of

67 68 04/18/85 "The Bartender's Tale"
Carla's thrilled when Sam hires a
mature English waitress she's sure
won't get involved with him, but Carla
doesn't know she has a beautiful young

68 69 05/02/85 "The Belles of St. Clete's"
Carla seeks revenge on her old high
school principal when she shows up at
the bar.

69 60 05/09/85 "Rescue Me" (Finale 3)
Frasier proposes to Diane, who insists
on calling Sam before giving him her

*** Season #4 ***

70 70 09/26/85 "Birth, Death, Love and Rice" (Premiere 4)
Frasier returns from Italy to tell the
gang that Diane left him at the altar
and is working in a convent;  and Sam
hires a new bartender.

71 72 10/03/85 "Woody Goes Belly Up"
Sam and Diane arrange a surprise visit
for Woody's hometown honey and Frasier
decides to pay off his bar bill by
working as a janitor.

72 75 10/17/85 "Someday My Prince Will Come"
When Diane fantasizes about the owner
of a coat left at the bar, Sam
convinces her to date whoever returns
to retrieve it.

73 71 10/24/85 "The Groom Wore Clearasil"
Carla asks Sam for help in convincing
her son not to marry his high school

74 78 10/31/85 "Diane's Nightmare"
Diane is convinced that a deranged
actor is stalking her.

75 73 11/07/85 "I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday"
Sam ruins a book, collateral for a

76 74 11/14/85 "2 Good 2 Be 4 Real"
The boys at the bar conjure a phony
response to Carla's personal ad.

77 76 11/21/85 "Love Thy Neighbor"
Norm hires a private eye to find out if
his wife is having an affair with a

78 79 11/28/85 "From Beer to Eternity"
A ringer helps bowl against rivals.

79      77      12/05/85        "The Bar Stoolie"
Cliff's estranged father comes for a
visit; and Sam tries to keep Diane from
talking to his new flame.

80 80 12/12/85 "Don Juan is Hell"
Sam regrets agreeing to be the subject
of Diane's psychology paper on the Don
Juan syndrome.

81 81 12/19/85 "Fools and Their Money"
Sam, in an effort to protect Woody,
neglects to place a large bet for him.

82 86 01/09/86 "Take My Shirt... Please?"
Sam donates his baseball jersey to a
celebrity auction, but no one bids on
the shirt; and Norm wines and dines
some potential clients.

83 82 01/16/86 "Suspicion"
The gang vows to exact revenge when
they learn that Diane gave a psychology
student permission to use them in a
class experiment.

84 83 01/23/86 "The Triangle"
Diane and Sam attempt to see Frasier
through his latest crisis of confidence
and regain his status in the psychology

85 85 01/30/86 "Cliffie's Big Score"
Cliff is in his glory when both Carla
and Diane accept a date with him for
the Postman's Ball.

86 84 02/06/86 "Second Time Around"
Sam's matchmaking skills shine when
Frasier announces plans to marry the
girl Sam picked out for him.

87 87 02/13/86 "The Peterson Principle"
Norm and an Ivy Leaguer compete for the
same job promotion.

88 88 02/20/86 "Dark Imaginings"
Sam panics when a series of
coincidental events convince him that
he's getting older.

89 89 02/27/86 "Save the Last Dance for Me"
Carla and her ex can't seem to bury the
hatchet long enough to team up for a
dance contest.

90 90 03/13/86 "Fear is my Co-Pilot"
Sam and Diane reveal their true
feelings for each other while aboard a
plummeting private plane.

91 91 03/20/86 "Diane Chambers Day"
Frasier concocts a scheme to make Diane
feel included in the bar's clique.

92 95 03/27/86 "Relief Bartender"
Woody worries about his job when Sam
hires a terrific temporary bartender.

93 92 05/01/86 "Strange Bedfellows" (Part 1 of 3)
Diane develops an interest in politics
as Sam's new girlfriend runs for the
city council.

94 93 05/08/86 "Strange Bedfellows" (Part 2 of 3)
Sam's new girlfriend persuades him to
fire Diane.  With a cameo by Gary

95 94 05/15/86 "Strange Bedfellows" (Part 3 of 3, Finale 4)
Janet pressures Sam to make a permanent
commitment to their relationship.

*** Season #5 ***

96 96 09/25/86 "The Proposal" (Premiere 5)
As Sam prepares for a romantic evening
with the woman he proposed to, Carla
and Frasier are desperate to find out
who the lucky lady is.

97 98 10/02/86 "The Cape Cad"
Sam pulls out all the stops to convince
Diane that he is no longer interested
in her.

98 97 10/09/86 "Money Dearest"
Cliff sets his mom up with a wealthy
man in the hopes of becoming a high
roller himself.

99 102 10/16/86 "Abnormal Psychology"
Frasier is excited about appearing on a
local TV show until he learns he's
debating an old flame.

100 100 10/30/86 "House of Horrors with Formal Dining
and Used Brick"
Cliff and Carla spend a frightening
night in a seemingly haunted house.

101 99 11/06/86 "Tan 'n Wash"
Norm gets the whole gang involved when
he invests in a combination laundry and
tanning salon.

102 106 11/13/86 "Young Dr. Weinstein"
Sam pretends he's a doctor to get into
a fancy restaurant.

103 103 11/20/86 "Knights of the Scimitar"
Cliff convinces Norm to join his
fraternal organization, the Knights of
the Scimitar.  Diane tries to make Sam
jealous with Lance.

104 107 11/27/86 "Thanksgiving Orphans"
The gang goes to Carla's for a
Thanksgiving celebration and winds up
having a food fight while waiting for
Norm to cook the turkey.

105 108 12/04/86 "Everyone Imitates Art"
Diane has a fit when a magazine rejects
the poem she submits and publishes

106 101 12/11/86 "Book of Samuel"
Woody turns to Sam's little black book
when his hometown honey dumps him while
announcing her arrival in Boston with
her new fiance.

107 110 12/18/86 "Dance, Diane, Dance"
Diane decides to become a ballerina
after the gang forges an encouraging
letter from her teacher.

108 111 01/08/87 "Chambers vs. Malone"
Sam is charged with assault and battery
after Diane refuses his second proposal
of marriage.

109 112 01/15/87 "Diamond Sam"
To save his friend money, Norm helps
Sam obtain a copy of the expensive
engagement ring Diane chose.

110 109 01/22/87 "Spellbound"
Carla mediates when her ex-husband Nick
and his new wife Loretta are having
marital problems.

111 104 01/29/87 "Never Love a Goalie" (Part 1 of 2)
Carla falls in love with a goalie for
the Boston Bruins, while Diane is
foreman of the jury for an attempted
murder trial.

112 105 02/05/87 "Never Love a Goalie" (Part 2 of 2)
Carla becomes convinced that she's a
jinx to her boyfriend, Bruin goalie
Eddie LeBec.  The defendant in Diane's
murder case comes to Cheers.

113 115 02/12/87 "One Last Fling"
Sam makes the most of his final 24
hours as an unattached man.

114 113 02/19/87 "Dog Bites Cliff"
The owner of a dog who bites Cliff goes
to be with him to convince him to drop
the charges.

115     114     02/26/87        "Dinner at Eight-ish"
The fur flies when Frasier invites Sam
and Diane over for dinner with his new

116 117 03/05/87 "Simon Says"
Sam and Diane attend a prenuptial
session with a prominent marriage
counselor (John Cleese).

117 116 03/19/87 "The Godfather, Part III"
Woody agrees to show Sam's goddaughter
around town when she moves to Boston to
go to college, but Sam gets protective
when romance blooms.  Also, Frasier
doesn't quite get the gift he wanted
from Lilith.

118 118 03/26/87 "Norm's First Hurrah"
Norm goes to work for a prestigious
accounting firm and tries to convince
the gang that it's a glamorous new

119 119 04/02/87 "Cheers: The Motion Picture"
The gang makes a home movie to convince
Woody's parents how much he's needed in

120 120 04/30/87 "A House is not a Home"
Diane's sympathy for the previous
owners of the house she and Sam bought
jeopardize their moving plans.

121 121 05/07/87 "I Do, Adeiu" (Finale 5)
Sam and Diane appear headed for the altar.

*** Season #6 ***

122 122 09/24/87 "Home is the Sailor" (Premiere 6)
The attractive new owner of Cheers is
more concerned with profit than Sam's
overtures after he returns to his
beloved bar from an ill-fated
around-the-world sailing adventure.

123 125 10/01/87 "`I' On Sports"
Sam gets a job filling in for a local
sportscaster but has a hard time hiding
it from new employer Rebecca.

124 126 10/15/87 "Little Carla, Happy at Last" (Part 1 of 2)
A pregnant Carla awaits a marriage
proposal from hockey player Eddie

125 127 10/22/87 "Little Carla, Happy at Last" (Part 2 of 2)
Sam races against the clock to help
superstitious Carla and Eddie get to
the altar.

126 123 10/29/87 "The Crane Mutiny"
Norm and Cliff lead Frasier to believe
that Rebecca is lusting after him.

127 128 11/05/87 "Paint Your Office"
Norm paints Rebecca's office and apartment
to pay off his overextended bar tab.

128 132 11/12/87 "The Last Angry Mailman"
Cliff handcuffs himself to his mother's
house in an effort to save it from

129 131 11/19/87 "Bidding on the Boys"
Sam and Woody volunteer as "hunks" to
be auctioned off for charity.

130 129 11/26/87 "Pudd'n' Head Boyd"
A senior citizen falls for Woody when
he tends bar dressed as Mark Twain,
while Frasier and Lilith go on

131 133 12/03/87 "A Kiss is Still a Kiss"
Rebecca needs a date for her boss's

132 124 12/10/87 "My Fair Clavin"
Cliff gives his date some beauty tips.

133 136 12/17/87 "Christmas Cheers"
Norm's friends join him at Cheers on
Christmas Eve.

134 134 01/07/88 "Woody for Hire, and Norman of the Apes"
Cliff sets out to prove that an
orangutan could do a better job
painting his apartment than Norm.

135 135 01/14/88 "And God Created Woodman"
When Sam, Woody and Rebecca cater a
party at the chairman of the board's
mansion, a priceless vase is

136 137 01/21/88 "Tale of Two Cuties"
Amorous Annie Tortelli and Laurie, Evan
Drake's special friend, replace Carla
at the bar during her maternity leave.

137 138 02/04/88 "Yacht of Fools"
Rebecca and Sam join a cruise on Evan
Drake's yacht.

138 139 02/11/88 "To All the Girls I've Loved Before"
At his bachelor party, Frasier gets cold feet
about marrying Lilith.

139 140 02/18/88 "Let Sleeping Drakes Lie"
While Norm's painting Evan Drake's
bedroom, he invites Rebecca to snoop

140 130 02/25/88 "Airport V"
Carla turns to Frasier for help in
overcoming her fear of flying.

141 141 03/03/88 "The Sam in the Gray Flannel Suit"
Evan Drake gives an executive promotion
to Sam instead of Rebecca.

142 144 03/10/88 "Our Hourly Bread"
Woody organizes a raffle to raise money
for the bar.

143 143 03/24/88 "Slumber Party Massacred"
Rebecca and Lilith try to cheer Carla
up with a slumber party.

144 147 03/31/88 "Bar Wars"
The Cheers gang takes on a rival bar in
a war of outrageous pranks.  Wade Boggs
guest stars.

145 142 04/28/88 "The Big Kiss-Off"
Woody and Sam compete to see who can
kiss Rebecca before midnight.

146 145 05/05/88 "Backseat Becky, Upfront" (Finale 6)
Sam helps Rebecca so she can profess
her love for Evan Drake before he's
transferred overseas.

*** Season #7 ***

147 149 10/27/88 "Executive Sweet" (Premiere 7)
When Rebecca is fired and Sam promoted
to manager, Sam takes steps to get
Rebecca her job back, but he expects
something in return.

148 146 11/03/88 "Swear to God"
After narrowly escaping fatherhood, Sam
must keep up his end of a deal with God
and abstain from sex for three months.

149 155 11/10/88 "One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape"
Rebecca uses a phony affair with Sam to
fend off the advances of her new young

150 148 11/17/88 "How To Recede in Business"
Sam spends a month bartending in
Cancun, but must return to save Rebecca
from an unwanted marriage.

151 150 11/24/88 "Those Lips, Those Ice"
Carla fears Eddie is having an affair
with one of the skaters in the ice

152 151 12/08/88 "Norm, is that You?"
Norm discovers a gift for interior
decorating, but he finds himself
pretending to be gay in order to keep
some wealthy clients.

153     158     12/15/88        "How to Win Friends and Electrocute People"
Cliff resorts to electric shock therapy
in an effort to improve on his
obnoxious personality.

154 153 12/22/88 "Jumping Jerks"
Cliff, Norm and Woody decide to give
skydiving a try, but have trouble
getting up the nerve until Sam joins

155 152 01/05/89 "Send in the Crane"
Sam is torn by the decision between a
beautiful woman and her beautiful
daughter.  Frasier gets work as a

156 154 01/12/89 "Bar Wars II:  The Woodman Strikes Back"
Cheers locks horns with Gary's Olde
Towne Tavern in a Bloody Mary making

157 159 01/19/89 "Adventures in Housesitting"
Rebecca is entrusted with her boss'
dog, but things don't go smoothly.

158 161 02/02/89 "Please Mr. Postman"
Cliff finds love at the Post Office,
but his date gets him into trouble.

159     160     02/09/89        "Golden Boyd"
Sam and Woody get jobs bartending at a
party, and Woody gets into a fight with
one of the guests.

160 157 02/16/89 "I Kid You Not"
Frasier and Lilith test their parenting
abilities by taking care of one of
Carla's kids, and Woody asks Sam to
borrow his car.

161 162 02/23/89 "Don't Paint Your Chickens"
Rebecca tries to lend her management
skills to Norm's painting career, while
Sam tries to keep pace with an athletic

162 163 03/02/89 "The Cranemakers"
Frasier and Lilith decide to get back
to nature, and Woody takes a vacation.

163 156 03/16/89 "Hot Rocks"
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff visits Cheers, only to be accused
of stealing.

164     164     03/30/89        "What's Up, Doc?"
Sam feigns impotence to win over a
psychologist friend of Frasier's.

165 165 04/06/89 "The Gift of the Woodi"
Woody writes a song for his
materialistic girlfriend Kelly, while
Cliff invents a new vegetable.

166 166 04/13/89 "Call Me, Irresponsible"
Carla is afraid that Eddie is going to
forget their second anniversary.

167 168 04/27/89 "Sisterly Love"
Sam tries to reconcile Rebecca and her
estranged sister.

168 167 05/04/89 "The Visiting Lecher"
An author keeps making passes at

*** Season #8 ***

169 170 09/21/89 "The Improbable Dream"
(Part 1 of 2, Premiere 8)
Erotic dreams have Rebecca all hot and
bothered as Sam tries to get her to
wake up to him instead of pining away
for the corporate raider of her

170 171 09/28/89 "The Improbable Dream" (Part 2 of 2)
Rebecca's whirlwind romance with the
self-made millionaire of her dreams
gives Sam nightmares that may signify
his true feelings.

171 172 10/12/89 "A Bar is Born"
While Rebecca psychs herself up to
spend the night with Robin, Sam gets
pumped to open his own bar -- a seedy
run-down hole that's already filled
with furry little customers.

172 174 10/19/89 "How to Marry a Mailman"
Love is blind and so is Cliff, who's
scared sightless when Margaret returns
from Canada with an offer to go

173 175 10/26/89 "The Two Faces of Norm"
Norm can't bring himself to boss around
his new painting crew, so he invents a
strict alter ego.  Meanwhile, Sam's not
himself either after selling his

174 173 11/02/89 "The Stork Brings a Crane"
Rebecca arranges for Boston mayor
Raymond Flynn to toast the 100th
anniversary of the bar, but the
festivities are interrupted when the
stork swoops down to deliver a Crane.

175 177 11/09/89 "Death Takes a Holiday on Ice"
Carla discovers that her husband was a
real hockey puck after a tragedy at the
rink exposes Eddie's secret romantic
ice-capades with another woman.

176 179 11/16/89 "For Real Men Only"
The guys are reluctant to witness the
bris of Frasier's son -- and so is
Frasier, who cuts out on the
circumcision ceremony.  Meanwhile,
Rebecca's retirement party for a
company employee isn't any livelier.

177 169 11/23/89 "Two Girls for Every Boyd"
Woody chews the scenery in "Our Town",
but he chokes on the scene where he has
to kiss his leading lady.  Meanwhile,
the guys compete in a beard-growing

178 176 11/30/89 "The Art of the Steal"
Rebecca and Sam finally spend the night
together -- trapped by security lasers
in Robin Colcord's apartment while the
guys while away their evening playing

179 181 12/07/89 "Feeble Attraction"
Norm's ex-secretary becomes fatally
attracted to him, while Rebecca becomes
obsessed with finding a ring hidden in
her new desk.

180 178 12/14/89 "Sam Ahoy"
Robin lends Sam his yacht to race in a
regatta, but Sam and his fearful crew
are sunk when they find a surprise
stowed away that could really rock the

181 182 01/04/90 "Sammy and the Professor"
Rebecca's visiting business professor
and mentor gives Sam high marks in the
bedroom.  Meanwhile, Carla learns she's
being audited.

182 184 01/18/90 "What Is... Cliff Clavin?"
The answer is ... Alex Trebek.  The
question:  who is it that Cliff Clavin
drives crazy while appearing as a
contestant on "Jeopardy!"?  Meanwhile,
Sam has some questions of his own for
the guy who stole his little black

183 180 01/25/90 "Finally" (Part 1 of 2)
Tonight could be the night as Rebecca
looks forward to a long-overdue evening
of romance with billionaire Robin
Colcord.  But it seems that they might
be part of a threesome:  they're going
to a testimonial dinner for Carl
Yastrzemski, and Robin has asked Sam to
accompany them.  Righteous Brother Bill
Medley has a cameo.

184 187 02/01/90 "Finally" (Part 2 of 2)
Rebecca is on cloud nine after spending
the night with Robin, but Sam has to
keep her from plummeting to Earth when
he finds Robin with another woman.
Bill Medley appears as himself once

185 183 02/08/90 "Woody or Won't He"
Woody is cowed by the romantic advances
of Kelly's mother, while Cliff takes a
very long ride on the bar's new
mechanized bull.

186 188 02/15/90  "Severe Crane Damage"
While promoting "Good Girls/Bad Boys,"
author Lilith and talk-show audience
women throw themselves at baddest boy

187 185 02/22/90  "Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby"
Rebecca's pubescent dreams of a perfect
romantic day with Robin are youth-urped
by Sam, whom Robin goads into a series
of childish challenges.

188 186 03/08/90 "Fifty-Fifty Carla"
Carla agrees to split Eddie's estate
50-50 with his other widow Gloria,
until she finds it's $50,000 in
insurance money.

189 189 03/15/90 "Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh"
The gang goes on the warpath against
Gary's Olde Towne Tavern when they
notice Cheers' statue of Tecumseh is
missing in action, while Rebecca wishes
they'd all go back to their sitting
bull sessions.

190 191 03/29/90 "Loverboyd"
Woody isn't ready to say au revoir to
Kelly, whose dad is sending her to
school in Europe.  Meanwhile, Norm
suffers as designated driver for a

191 192 04/12/90 "The Ghost and Mrs. LeBec"
The appearance of Eddie's ghost shaves
a few years off Carla's life and
compels her to call Madame Lazora,
while Rebecca goes on TV to complain
about a defective hair-removal system.

192 190 04/19/90 "Mr. Otis Regrets"
Sam tries to get a rise out of Rebecca
by telling her he pushed the right
buttons in an elevator with Robin's
other girlfriend.  Woody is floored
when a woman answers his ad for a
roommate.  [Postponed from an earlier

193 193 04/26/90 "Cry Hard" (Part 1 of 2)
Robin asks Rebecca to move in with him,
but she discovers he's been using her
computer to get inside info on her
corporation.  Postmaster General
Anthony Frank has a cameo.

194 194 05/03/90 "Cry Harder" (Part 2 of 2, Finale 8)
Rebecca contemplates a future as "the
bride of a convict" as her "sweet baby"
financier, Robin Colcord, is arrested
for insider trading.  Although she
keeps up a brave front for Robin,
Rebecca fears the worst: "He'll fry.
Street lights will dim."  But tears for
Robin and Rebecca could mean Cheers for
Sam.  As a reward for turning Robin in,
the corporation offers to sell him the
bar back for a pittance.  Meanwhile,
Rebecca reels from the realization that
Sam was the one who ratted on Robin.

*** Season #9 ***

195 196  09/20/90 "Love is a Really, Really Perfectly
Okay Thing" (Premiere 9)
Picking up where last season left off
-- in Sam's office, on the sofa -- the
ninth finds Sam and Rebecca in the
afterglow, while Sam fights the urge
to dazzle the guys.

196 195 09/27/90 "Cheers Fouls Out"
Sam scores points with everybody but
Gary when he nets the Boston Celtics'
Kevin McHale to play in their annual
grudge basketball match -- but only if
they'll pass their winnings on to

197 197 10/04/90 "Rebecca Redux"
Sam, drowning in work, hires a new
manager, who seems to buoy everyone's
spirits along with serving them --
until Sam finds out what depths
Rebecca's sunk to for work.

198 198 10/11/90 "Where Nobody Knows Your Name"
Rebecca won't admit it, but she's
steamed when Robin's ex-lover goes
public, saying she's his current
paramour, while Carla is all hot and
bothered over Indian summer.

199 199 10/18/90 "Ma Always Liked You Better"
A sniveling rivalry is born when
Cliff's visiting mother decides Woody
is the son she never had, but it's all
relative when Norm gets wedged in a

200 201 10/25/90 "Grease"
Norm has a cow when he learns the
Hungry Heifer is closing its doors, so
he takes his beef to the people, while
Sam ribs Rebecca about Robin, who's
working on a road gang.

201 207 11/01/90 "Breaking in is Hard to Do"
Learning their son is no egghead,
Frasier and Lilith scramble to decide
who'll give up career for full-time
parenthood.  Meanwhile, Carla and
Rebecca hatch a plot to pay Robin a
conjugal visit.

202-203 202-203 11/8/90 "A 200th Celebration"

204 200 11/15/90 "Bad Neighbor Sam"
Instead of the Hatfields and McCoys,
it's the Hills and Malones as Sam feuds
with his new neighbor, snooty
restauranteur John Hill, in the series'
200th episode.

205 204 11/22/90 "Veggie-Boyd"
Woody gets cast in a commercial for a
new vegetable drink, while Cliff's
self-esteem is squashed when the
popularity of the bar's new trivia
napkins mushrooms.

206 205 12/06/90 "Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure"
Woody gets hooked on a home shopping
show, while Norm and Cliff get more
than they bargained for when they
instigate a fight between Sam and

207 208 12/13/90 "Woody Interruptus"
Kelly returns from Europe, avec an
amorous Frenchman, while Cliff decides
to cheat "il morte" by having his head
cryogenically frozen.

208 206 01/03/91 "Honor Thy Mother"
Carla refuses to knuckle under to her
dictator of a mother's deathbed demand
that she name one of her kids Benito

209 209 01/10/91 "Achilles Hill"
Sam, bedeviled by John Hill, decides to
exorcise the demon by dating his
daughter; Carla thinks the foosball
table is possessed.

210 210 01/24/91 "Days of Wine and Neuroses"
(Part 1 of 2)
Rebecca pops a cork -- several, in
fact -- when Robin finally pops the
question, while Frasier seems married
to the bar's new sing-along machine.
[postponed from 01/17/91 due to war

211 211 01/31/91 "Wedding Bell Blues" (Part 2 of 2)
Cheers nuptials seldom go off without a
hitch, and the wedding of Robin and
Rebecca is no exception.  Last week,
Robin proposed to Rebecca and she
confessed to Sam that she was tied in
knots over tying the knot.  But she
doesn't remember any of it the next
morning.  She's looking for something
old, something borrowed and something
blue.  Carla offers Norm's liver.
Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield has a
cameo.  [postponed from 01/24/91]

212 212 02/07/91 "I'm Gonna Get My Act Together and
Stick it in Your Face"
It's the worst of times for Rebecca,
who's broken up over her breakup, and
the best of times for Frasier, who's
reading Dickens to the gang.
[postponed from 01/31/91]

213 214 02/14/91 "Sam Time, Next Year"
Sam is where he wants to be on
Valentine's Day -- flat on his back --
but it's because he fell down some
stairs before his 20th annual tryst
with Lauren.

214 213 02/21/91 "Crash of the Titans"
Rebecca isn't shooting from the lip in
bidding to buy the bar as she and Sam
compete in a kissing- up contest to
take over John Hill's lease.

215 215 02/28/91 "It's a Wonderful Wife"
The bar celebrates Frasier's birthday,
but the party's over for Norm, who
falls off his stool when Vera gets a
job upstairs.

216 216 03/14/91 "Cheers Has Chili"
Rebecca hopes to earn a few extra beans
by serving Woody's chili in the
poolroom, but the plan gives Sam

217 218 03/21/91 "Carla Loves Clavin"
Carla has to fill the toughest order
of her life -- being nice to Cliff --
when she gets a tip that he's a judge
for the Miss Boston Barmaid contest.

218 217 03/28/91 "Pitch it Again, Sam"
Sam's old rival shows up, but Sam balks
when he tries to goad him back onto the
mound one last time.

219 219 04/04/91 "Rat Girl"
Lilith is caught in a maze of grief
when her favorite lab rat dies, and
Frasier experiments with a way to free
her, while Paul is the unlikely cheese
to a sexy pursuer.

220 220 04/25/91 "Home Malone"
Sam has an adventure baby-sitting
Frederick, and Woody faces Peril when
babe-in-the-woods Kelly gets a job at
Cheers for a school pRoject.

221 221 05/02/91 "Uncle Sam Wants You" (Finale 9)
With Frasier and Sam fighting over
emotional custody of Freddie, Sam
decides he wants a little Malone of his
own, but something's missing -- a mom.

*** Season #10 ***

222 222 09/19/91 "Baby Balk" (Premiere 10)
The well-meaning advice of Frasier and
Lilith throws a monkey wrench into the
conception plans of Sam and Rebecca,
and Woody runs into trouble when he
temporarily is in charge of the bar.

223 223 09/26/91 "Get Your Kicks on Route 666"
Frasier suggests the guys go on a road
trip to find their "inner hairy men,"
while the women locate one filling in
at the bar -- Carla's cousin Frankie.

224 225 10/03/91 "Madame LaCarla"
Madame Lazora, who's retiring, decides
to pass her crystal ball on to Carla,
who doesn't predict much of a future
for herself as a psychic.

225 229 10/10/91 "The Norm Who Came to Dinner"
Norm hurts his back painting at the
Cranes', and Lilith discovers she'll
need one to get him off the sofa and
back to Cheers.

226 227 10/17/91 "Ma's Little Maggie"
To Cliff's surprise, his mom and
girlfriend Maggie warm up to each other
right away, while Rebecca's frozen
fertility underwear receives a cool
reception from Sam.

227 224 10/24/91 "Unplanned Parenthood"
Sam and Rebecca's burning desire to be
parents is tested by the baptism of
fire they get baby-sitting Carla's
kids, while Cliff is hot to direct the
video Woody's sending home.

228 230 10/31/91 "Bar Wars V: The Final Judgement"
Sam's the one who's spooked when it
looks like the Cheers gang gave Gary
the Halloween fright of his life --
which may have scared him to death.

229 226 11/07/91 "Where Have All The Floorboards Gone"
The guys court disaster when they get
the Celtics' Kevin McHale so obsessed
with how many bolts there are on the
floor of Boston Garden that the other
team mops him up.  Kevin's wife Lynn
and announcer Glenn Ordway have

230 231 11/14/91 "Head Over Hill"
Sam asks Carla to get even with John
Allen Hill, but instead she gets
horizontal with him, which really gets
Sam's goat.

231 228 11/21/91 "A French Fine Whine"
Woody wants to ask Kelly to marry him,
but Henri and his expiring visa propose
a problem.

232 232 12/05/91 "I'm Okay, You're Defective"
Frasier balks at making out his will,
while Sam would rather die than have
Rebecca's fertility doctor tell him
he's not of sound body.

233 233 12/12/91 "Go Make"
Sam and Rebecca check into a hotel for
a weekend of baby-making, but their
fertile imaginations soon give them
pregnant pause.  Sam's chance encounter
with a fristrated father gives rise to
a fantasy in which the lack of love
between parents turns little Sam into
an armed robber.  Rebecca, meanwhile,
realizes that the honeymoon's over
after meeting a pair of amorous

234 234 01/02/92 "Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist"
Norm and Cliff help Frasier's low
self-esteem group cut its fearless
leader down to size, while Woody takes
a little too much off the top when he
trims Sam's hair.

235 235 01/09/92 "No Rest for the Woody"
To pay for Kelly's engagement ring,
Woody moonlights as a gravedigger, but
it's his funeral when, dead on his
feet, he has to meet Kelly's

236 237 01/16/92 "My Son, the Father"
Carla's no nun, but she really risks
the wrath of God when her son announces
his decision to become a priest; Sam's
prayers are answered when he finds a
way to get back at John Hill.

237 236 01/30/92 "One Hugs, the Other Doesn't"
Children's singer Nanny Gee strikes a
chord with Frasier, while the music
stops for Woody, who's disappointed
with a concert experience.

238 238 02/06/92 "Diminished Rebecca, With a Suspended Cliff"
Harry Connick Jr. plays Woody's
cousin, who wears his heart on his
sleeve when it comes to his crush
on Rebecca; and Cliff's hot under the
collar over the new postal uniform.

239 239 02/13/92 "License to Hill"
Rebecca insists she can deal with
the bar while the guys play cards,
but she puts on her poker face
when it turns out they've got a
full house -- and no liquor license.

240 240 02/20/92 "Rich Man, Wood Man"
The guys try to lead Woody out of the
fog when a vacation in London with
Kelly and her money turns him into a
royal jerk.

241 241 02/27/92 "Smotherly Love"
Frasier wants Lilith to stand up to her
domineering mother, while Rebecca wants
Sam to sit down with Norm and tell him
to pay his bar tab.

242 242 03/26/92 "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
Sam makes more than a Mickey Mouse
attempt at a baseball comeback, while
rodent-sitter Frasier loses Lilith's
beloved lab rat.

243 244 04/23/92 "Rebecca's Lover... Not"
Rebecca's high-school sweetheart gets
her motor running again, but he's
chosen a different road, while Sam,
upset over his stolen car, starts a
support group.

244 245 04/30/92 "Bar Wars VI: This Time It's For Real"
The new owner of Gary's Old Towne
Tavern turns out to be a real wiseguy,
whose response to Cheer's welcoming
prank is a well-organized crime that
really blows the gang away.

245 243 05/07/92 "Heeeeeere's Cliffy"
With aspiring comic Cliff at his wit's
end, Norm tells him "The Tonight Show"
accepted his material, but the joke's
on Norm when Cliff surprises him with
tickets to Burbank.  Johnny Carson and
Doc Severinsen have cameos.

246,247 724 05/14/92 "An Old-Fashioned Wedding" (Finale 10)
Woody and Kelly engage in a little
prenuptial funny business, but it's
nothing compared with their wedding.
(1 hour)

*** Season #11 ***

248 250 09/24/92        "The Little Match Girl"
(Premiere 11)  In the 11th-season
opener, the heat is on for a wired
Rebecca when she accidentally starts a
fire in the bar and then blames it on
faulty wiring.

249     251     10/01/92        "The Beer is Always Greener"
While the bar is being rebuilt, Carla
has to take a job at another tavern,
where she has to be horribly nice;
Woody thinks that Kelly worships Satan
when he finds out she's a different
kind of Lutheran from him.

250     248     10/08/92        "The King of Beers"
Norm gets his dream job as a taster for
a brewery while Rebecca gets her first
taste of gambling -- and losing -- when
the bar gets a new slot machine.

251 249 10/22/92 "The Magnificent Six"
Sam regrets taking Henri under his wing
when he's challenged to see who's the
better lady's man.  Meanwhile, Rebecca
takes desperate measures to quit
smoking.  [postponed from 10/15/92]

252 254 10/29/92 "Do Not Forsake Me, 'O My Postman"
Cliff's old flame Maggie returns and
claims to be carrying their unborn
child; Rebecca hires a hack songwriter
to write a jingle for the bar.

253     252     11/05/92        "Teaching with the Enemy"
(Part 1 of 2)  Frasier and Lilith's
marriage could be on shaky ground when
Rebecca spots Lilith in a compromising
position with another man.  Meanwhile,
Sam hires a bouncer for the bar.

254     253     11/12/92        "The Girl in the Plastic Bubble"
(Part 2 of 2)  Lilith sends Frasier to
the edge when she tells him that she
wants a yearlong trial separation,
during which she'll be living with her
lover in an underground biosphere.

255 256 11/17/92 "Ill Gotten Gaines"
Mr. Gaines thinks Woody is blackmailing
him after Woody catches him cheating
on his wife; Rebecca hosts a
Thanksgiving party at the bar.

256 255 12/03/92 "Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa"
Carla doesn't want to show her true
feelings when John Hill has a heart
attack; Cliff is convinced that Hitler
has moved into his apartment building.

257 257 12/10/92 "Daddy's Middle-Aged Girl"
Rebecca's overbearing father orders
her to return to San Diego with him;
Woody tries to command Kelly to move
her things into his apartment.

258 258 12/17/92 "Love Me, Love My Car"
Sam acts like a swine when he tries to
retrieve a car he sold from the buyer's
widow; Rebecca befriends the pig that's
to be Woody's Christmas dinner.

259     259     01/07/93        "Sunday Dinner"
Cliff and Norm agree to videotape a
family reunion that's being held in the
bar; Frasier goes on what he thinks is
a date with his secretary.

260     260     01/14/93        "Norm's Big Audit"
A brash IRS agent tries to get Norm to
sleep with her in exchange for not
auditing him; Sam attempts to sabotage
the gang's viewing of one of his old

261     261     01/21/93        "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Bar"
Robin comes back to the bar, with two
surprises: he's broke and he hid
another money belt containing millions
of dollars somewhere in the bar.

262     262     02/04/93        "Loathe and Marriage"
Daddy's little girl is getting married
and wants the father of the bride to
walk her down the aisle, despite
objections from the mother of the bride
-- Carla.

263     263     02/11/93        "Is There A Doctor In the Howe?"
(Part 1 of 2) After receiving a
telegram from Lilith asking him for a
divorce, Frasier finds comfort in the
arms of another woman -- Rebecca.

264 264 02/18/93 "The Bar Manager, the Shrink, His Wife,
and Her Lover"
(Part 2 of 2)  The unexpected return of
Lilith is further complicated by the
arrival of the insane, gun-toting
Dr. Pascal.

265 265 02/25/93 "The Last Picture Show"
When the guys go to a drive-in theater,
Sam leaves the bar in the charge of one
of its former owners, who proceeds to
drive Carla and Rebecca crazy.

266 267 03/18/93 "Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey"
Sam is going to need the luck of the
Irish -- and maybe the help of Harry
the Hat -- to win a St. Patrick's Day
bet with Gary's Old Towne Tavern.

267 269 04/01/93 "Look Before You Sleep"
Sam's dream of getting a good night's
sleep becomes a nightmare when he
accidentally locks his keys in the bar,
which sends him on a frantic search for
a bed.

268 270 04/22/93 "Woody Gets an Election"
Frasier conducts an experiment in voter
psychology -- by putting Woody on the
ballot for city council.  Spanky
McFarland ("Our Gang") has a cameo.

269 272 04/29/93 "It's Lonely on the Top"
The morning after a night of drinking
Carla's potent brew brings a few
surprises: an intimate encounter, some
tattoos and a shocking disclosure from

270,271 268,271 05/06/93 "Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses"
The gang thinks that Cliff has finally
gone and killed his mother.  Meanwhile,
Rebecca goes wild when she thinks Mr.
Gaines has asked her out.  (1 hour)

272 266 05/13/93 "The Guy Can't Help It"
Rebecca is flush with excitement about
dating a plumber; Sam joins a
counseling group for sexual compulsives.

273, 725 05/20/93 "One for the Road" (Series Finale)
274, After 11 years and 111 Emmy
275 nominations, the place where everybody
knows you name is finally sounding its
last call.  But first, there's Last
Call!  A Cheers Celebration, a series
retrospective hosted by Bob Costas.
Then (at 9:24) Shelley Long returns as
Diane, who's written an award-winning
movie based on Carla's life.  The gang
watches in disbelief as she receives
her award on TV and gives the longest
acceptance speech in awards history.
Sam later phones Diane and the two
lapse into lies about their lives.
Diane tells him that she's married and
has three children. Sam tells her he's
married with four children - only to
have Diane show up the next day wanting
to have lunch with his "wife."  Sam
panics and asks Rebecca, who has just
turned down a marriage proposal from a
plumber named Don, to pose as Mrs.
Malone.  Mike Ditka and model Kim
Alexis are among the celebrities who
have cameos.