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Release History
  9/30/82 - 8/19/93 NBC

 Sub Categories


  Charles/Burrows/Charles Prods., Paramount

Sam "Mayday" Malone   Ted Danson
Diane Chambers (1982-87)   Shelley Long
Rebecca Howe (1987-93)   Kirstie Alley
Ernie "Coach" Pantusso (1982-85)   Nicholas Colasanto
Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec   Rhea Perlman
Clifford "Cliff" C. Clavin Jr.*   John Ratzenberger
Woodrow Tiberius "Woody" Boyd (1985-93)   Woody Harrelson
Dr. Frasier W. Crane (1984-93)   Kelsey Grammer
Dr. Lillith Sternin-Crane (1986-92)   Bebe Neuwirth
Norm Peterson   George Wendt
Jack (1982-83)   Jack Knight
Tim (1983-93)   Tim Cunningham
Steve (1983-93)   Steve Giannelli
Alan (1983-93)   Alan Koss
Al (1983-90)   Al Rosen
Paul (1983)   Paul Vaughn
Larry (1984-87)   Larry Harpel
Nick Tortelli (1984-87)   Dan Hedaya
Loretta Tortelli (1984-87)   Jean Kasem
Annie Tortelli (1985-93)   Mandy Ingber
Anthony Tortelli (1985-88)   Timothy Williams
Esther Clavin (1986-93)   Frances Sternhagen
Mark (1987-90)   Mark Arnott
Hugh (1987-88)   Hugh Maguire
Pete (1987-91)   Peter Schreiner
Evan Drake (1987-88)   Tom Skerritt
Eddie LeBec (1987-89)   Jay Thomas
Tony (1989-91)   Tony DiBenedetto
Joe (1989-92)   Michael Holden
Ludlow Tortelli (1989-92)   Jarrett Lennon
Robin Colcord (1989-91)   Roger Rees
Kelly Gaines/Boyd (1989-93)   Jackie Swanson
John Allen Hill (1990-93)   Keene Curtis
Mr. Gaines (1991-92)   Richard Doyle
Phil (1991-93)   Philip Perlman
Paul (1991-93)   Paul Willson


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